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It's time we left. Means:

a). You don't have time to leave.

b). The time to leave is now.
c). The time to leave was in the past.
d). We have time to leave.

I'd rather you hadn't used my car to transport the bookshelf. Means:

a). You didn't use my car.

b). You weren't supposed to use my car, so you didn't.
c). You used my car and I'm upset.
d). I'm glad you used my car

If only I knew what to do. Means:

a). I know what to do.

b). I knew what to do.
c). I didn't know what to do.
d). I don't know what to do.

You talk as if you had passed the exam. Means:

a). You didn't pass the exam but pretend you did.

b). You didn't pass the exam and you're telling others about it.
c). You passed the exam and are telling others about it.
d). You passed the exam but thought you wouldn't.

I'd much rather we did it together. Means:

a). I wanted to do it together.

b). I didn't want to do it together.
c). I wnat to do it together now.
d). I don't want to do it together now.

If only our teacher had explained the theory more thoroughly. Means:

a). Our teacher doesn't give thorough explanations.

b). Our teacher gives a thorough explanation.
c). Our teacher gave a thorough explanation.
d). Our teacher didn't give us a thorough explanation.

I wish you would keep your part of the room tidy. Means:

a). You aren't tidy and it bothers me.

b). You aren't tidy and I don't care.
c). You are tidy and I'm grateful.
d). You are tidy and it bothers me.

I'd rather we were working full-time. This part-time job just doesn't pay the rent. Means:

a). We are working full-time.

b). We are working part-time and love it.
c). We aren't working part-time.
d). We are working part-time but want to work full-time.

Joe wishes he could have studied architecture when he was at college. Means:

a). Joe was able to study architecture.

b). Joe wasn't able to study architecture.
c). Joe never wanted to study architecture.
d). Joe regrests studying architecture.