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Personal Information

A Love Of Travelling

For Nigel Portman, a love of travelling began with what’s (0) ........ a ‘gap year’. In common with many other British teenagers, he chose to take a year out before (1) ........ to study for his degree. After doing various jobs to (2) ........ some money, he left home to gain some experience of life in different cultures, visiting America and Asia. The more adventurous the young person, the (3) ........ the challenge they are likely to (4) ........ themselves for the gap year, and for some, like Nigel, it can (5) ........ in a thirst for adventure.

Now that his university course has (6) ........ to an end, Nigel is just about to leave on a three-year trip that will take him (7) ........ around the world. What’s more, he plans to make the whole journey using only means of transport which are (8) ........ by natural energy. In other words, he’ll be (9) ........ mostly on bicycles and his own legs; and when there’s an ocean to cross, he won’t be taking a (10) ........ cut by climbing aboard a plane, he’ll be joining the crew of a sailing ship (11) ........ .

As well as doing some mountain climbing and other outdoor pursuits along the way, Nigel hopes to (12) ........ on to the people he meets the environmental message that lies behind the whole idea.


a). called

b). named
c). referred
d). known


a). settling down

b). getting up
c). taking over
d). holding back


a). achieve

b). raise
c). advance
d). win


a). stronger

b). wider
c). greater
d). deeper


a). put

b). set
c). aim
d). place


a). result

b). lead
c). cause
d). create