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Please close the window as it ___________ !

a). rain

b). does rain
c). is raining
d). is rained

John can see now because he __________ glasses.

a). is getting

b). has got
c). gets
d). got

Heather is on a team. She ___________ professional football.

a). has played

b). has been playing
c). is playing
d). plays

Your English __________ better and better everyday.

a). is getting

b). gets
c). has got
d). got

Kendra __________ taking the train to work to driving there.

a). has preferred

b). is preferring
c). is preferred
d). prefers

I __________ the new Indian restaurant yet. Is it good?

a). don't try

b). haven't tried
c). haven't been trying
d). am not trying

Gerry __________ hasn’t seen the new Bond film?

a). yet

b). already
c). lately
d). still

Here they are! I __________ for these sunglasses all afternoon!

a). 've been looking

b). 've looked
c). 'm looking
d). was looked

We can’t win this game because __________ of fuel.

a). already we've run out

b). we’ve been running out already
c). already we’ve run out
d). we’ve already run out

I __________ her several times, but she still hasn’t answered.

a). am phoning

b). 've phoned
c). phone
d). 've been phoning

Paul is __________ home before 9:00pm because he’s a workaholic.

a). regularly

b). usually
c). often
d). seldom

Gina __________ waking up early to go to work since she started working as a baker.

a). has used to

b). is used to
c). has got used to
d). gets used to

She hated waking up so early at first, but she __________ it now.

a). has used to

b). is used to
c). gets used to
d). has been used to